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Name Tanya Ross
User Name stephanieE
Birthday 10/07/1966
Specialism Fiction
Location South West
Profile An engineer in the construction industry, I was project manager at the Millennium Dome - four years of a fascinating rollercoaster experience. Now on sabbatical as I try and turn a long-term hobby into an alternative career... I have written a screenplay (rejected, although commended for `strong writing`), a number of short stories, and I am currently completing an erotic novel. Stephanie Ellison is my pen name for erotic fiction, as I`m not sure my grandmas would approve!

Latest Work

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Chef by stephanieE Word Count: 182

A short, short, piece, written in response the the exercise 'Describe an encounter in less than 200 words without dialogue'. This led me to the idea of writing erotica... 
27 Jun 2003

French lessons by stephanieE Word Count: 4336

This is the first chapter of my (now complete - whoooppeee!) erotic novel. See what you think... And bonus points to anyone who successfully identifies the inspiration for this chapter! 
5 Aug 2003

Goodbye London by stephanieE Word Count: 1422

OK, so this is a piece of dialogue from my erotic novel. Maddy is on the point of leaving London for New York, and after a goodbye party, ends up having a farewell shag with her ex, Matt. This turns out to be a bad idea... It's very raw (only finished an hour ago) all comments welcomed... 
23 Jul 2003

Poisoned Chalice by stephanieE Word Count: 502

A short, short story. I was given the title and took it from there... 
21 May 2003

Resurrecting Renoir by stephanieE Word Count: 865

This is either a short, short story, or it's the opening to a novel (I have some idea of how the novel develops, but it's not yet substantial enough). Be interested in any feedback 
21 Aug 2003

The Sweeper by stephanieE Word Count: 752

A short story inspired by a 'street-cleansing operative' that I used to pass every morning on my way to work. 
10 Jun 2003

Three`s Company by stephanieE Word Count: 3535

This is a chapter of the erotic novel that I have almost completed. Further to the discussion on erotica in the Forum I am now terrified that everyone is expecting something marvellously literate - sorry, it's just a story with some sex in it - does that make it porn? 
4 Jul 2003

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