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Alpha by DJC Word Count: 1956

25 Jan 2006

Avalanche training by DJC Word Count: 183

In the UK, teachers' INSET at the beginning of term usually consists of looking at league tables and value added, or maybe moaning about Ruth Kelly. In the Alps, we roll around in snow and find bits of plastic which emit a beep. This poem is about a talk we had on avalanches, in case we ever end up with a buried child on our hands (or under our feet). 
10 Jan 2006

Bored by DJC Word Count: 991

My flash for this week. More bleak and depressing stuff, I'm afraid. Next week I'll write about kittens, I promise... 
27 Jan 2006

Burials by DJC Word Count: 135

My cat-machine poem. I did enjoy doing this. 
31 Jan 2006

Eviction: a villanelle by DJC Word Count: 168

The final draft. 
12 Jan 2006

Looking for Elizabeth by DJC Word Count: 225

Another draft, this time a bit longer, at 7 stanzas, and definitely not a sonnet, although I've tried to keep to 10 syllables per line.  
14 Jan 2006

pro-ana by DJC Word Count: 155

I saw a programme last week on anorexia, and this prompted the below. 
18 Jan 2006

Shelter by DJC Word Count: 443

My flash for this week. 
2 Feb 2006

Shit boy by DJC Word Count: 356

A total rewrite, trying to be more honest. A different boy this time, one who was always having 'serious chats' with me about how hard his life was. Poor lad. Original is underneath. 
23 Jan 2006

Slugs by DJC Word Count: 296

FIrst poem in years. Go easy on me. Actually, don't. I can take it. Thought I'd start with a challenge. How on earth do you write about something like a slug? Honestly? With great difficulty. 
27 Sep 2014

Spin Cycle by DJC Word Count: 952

My first attempt at flashing. Legally, anyway. 
20 Jan 2006

The lovely girl by DJC Word Count: 1077

The second draft of an idea I've been batting around in poetry form on poetry II, about a friend of ours who had a sudden mental breakdown, just before Christmas. 
16 Jan 2006

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