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Name Sarah Leipciger
User Name Sarah
Specialism Fiction
Location Other International
Interests travel, running, global messes
Profile I left Canada in 2000, lived in Asia for 18 months and have been in the UK since mid 2001. If they do nothing else, my short stories reflect this movement. I am currently attempting a novel

Latest Work

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A Woman Eclipsed by Sarah Word Count: 6277

9 Jul 2003

Flesh of the Little Ones (second part) by Sarah Word Count: 2363

part one in my profile 
9 Jul 2003

Flesh of the Little Ones Part 3 by Sarah Word Count: 4009

Parts one and two are in my archive 
4 Aug 2003

French Bread and Linguistics by Sarah Word Count: 3406

a contemplation of languages 
9 Jul 2003

Getting Into Chomsky by Sarah Word Count: 1199

something I wrote the day after seeing Chomsky lecture at St Paul's Cathedral 
2 Jun 2003

Passport by Sarah Word Count: 4204

to go or not to go 
13 Aug 2003

Rose Garden by Sarah Word Count: 1627

An ugly one inspired by the news 
9 Jun 2003

Seouless by Sarah Word Count: 7130

two women make sense to one another 
24 Jul 2003

She Feeds Peanuts to Elephants by Sarah Word Count: 420

2 Jun 2003

The 650,000 question by Sarah Word Count: 771

This is something I wrote for Runner's World... they rejected it mind you, but... 
4 Jul 2003

The Flesh of the Little Ones by Sarah Word Count: 1894

Here's the first little bit of a novel, first draft not done yet. There's an abduction, there's confusion of faith, someone gets lost in Korea. 
30 May 2003

Twist Her by Sarah Word Count: 4768

Here's a story about a strong little girl with a wayward dad who gets the shock of his life 
25 Jun 2003

Whatever Happened to Her by Sarah Word Count: 2145

This is the FIRST HALF of a story about a girl wondering about her mother 
17 Jun 2003

Whatever Happened to Her (2nd part) by Sarah Word Count: 2818

This is the SECOND HALF of a story about figuring out yer mum. The first half is in the short story group.... 
17 Jun 2003

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