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Are you dead yet by viky7258 Word Count: 4618
1  Comment

This is my first attempt at a horror type genre, so am just wondering if the scary bits are indeed scary, or if I'm not descriptive enough to conjure the correct images in peoples minds - any feedback is most welcomed. 
2 Jun 2005

Boundaries of Truth - feedback needed by viky7258 Word Count: 934

I added this story to WW quite awhile ago and have just tweaked it abit and added afew extra story details, it's by no means finished so you'll have to bear with me that it's so short, but any feedback on it so far would be great - thanks. 
29 Jan 2005

Chain of events by viky7258 Word Count: 544

Just a short story - hope it reads ok. 
9 Sep 2003

Creak by viky7258 Word Count: 353

Short piece for the sound exercise. I kinda failed the exercise already though as it's a little over 300 words and was only meant to be 200 - sorry. 
2 Sep 2003

Don`t judge a book by its cover. by viky7258 Word Count: 790

Just the beginning of a story I was toying around with. Just wanted some input on my writing really. The title was made up seconds before uploading this so I'm not even sure if I'll stick with that either. 
14 Jun 2003

Headstones by viky7258 Word Count: 476

Just a short story - anyfeedback as always is welcomed. 
8 Dec 2004

Love and death in London by viky7258 Word Count: 1280

I submitted this for the Pulp.net short stories. They put that they don't give feedback, so I was hoping you guys could help out with any writing skill hints and tips you could give - thanks in advance. 
11 Jul 2003

Oh poo! by viky7258 Word Count: 271

Smell exercise, little over 250 words though. 
18 Sep 2003

Sci-fi cover blurb - comments welcomed. by viky7258 Word Count: 161

This is a cover blurb and I was wondering what people will make of the idea - it was just one I was playing around with really. I have the scenarios, characters and everything worked out it's just putting finger to keyboard to now bring them to life if the story is good enough. Any thoughts are very welcomed. 
31 May 2005

Talking to a Brick Wall by viky7258 Word Count: 1236

This is another attempt at yet another genre for me, any feedback on it is welcomed. 
2 Feb 2005

Touch by viky7258 Word Count: 250
1  Comment

Beginners group exercise 
8 Oct 2003

Two sides to the penny. by viky7258 Word Count: 1139

I thought I'd do a little mixture of different peoples points of view in a little town. For each thing that happened there would be two sides to every story. Here's a snippet of the first. Any feedback as always is greatly appreciated. 
27 Jul 2003

Untitled - feedback needed. by viky7258 Word Count: 824

Just the start of something - I just need some feedback on it really please... 
9 Jan 2005

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