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Name Keith Hodges
User Name keithhodges
Home Page www.keithhodges.co.uk
Birthday 12/05/1988
Specialism Various
Location London
Interests Fiction, Life Stories, Script Writing, Uniqueness, Creativity,
Profile I`m a writer at heart, I think I always have been, ever since I was little I used to create stories, but i`d draw them, and explain what was happening as I was going along. This drew me towards art, physical art, sculptures and all that jazz, but now I write, because it`s creating the idea in someone`s head that does. You can create more in what someone sees in their mind, than what you can in a 40 foot space. It`s just getting it out there, that`s what I`m struggling with.

Published Works

  keithhodges's (a.k.a. Various Artists)   Now That's What I Call Tuneful Tales is published . (Available Now)
  • Take a handful of students, their favourite songs and some crazy ideas, what do you get? Mixed stories of humour, love, the bizarre and the twisted. All named after popular hit singles by acts from all walks of life. Just like us. Songs like Crazy Frog in

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     Bring me the sun, bring me life, and take away these bags! I tidied my room this week, 9 bags of clutter, 9 of them to make my room a nicer place to write, to make it lighter, brighter and a haven for creativity. I wrote my other blog to, the one about the world, the one where I make jokes, the one where I be th...
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     Today, I become Dylan Mcthomaslegs. Today's the day, today! I believe it I really do, I've had a good morning so far I've found a few competitions to enter, I'm about to trawl through what I've currently written in a novel I'm attempting to write, maybe even work on ...
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    Latest Work

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    A lazy Man by keithhodges Word Count: 150

    Something someone said once, I figured I'd give it a go in a little flash. 
    15 Dec 2008

    Amsterdam by keithhodges Word Count: 2209

    This is the opening passage from a short story about a group of art teachers and thier students on a trip to Amsterdam. The story is based around the teachers, in the long run, it's about growing up. 
    10 Nov 2008

    Back Again by keithhodges Word Count: 462

    Flash 190 Challenge! 
    28 Dec 2009

    Billy by keithhodges Word Count: 494

    This weeks challenge! About a shock discovery. 
    23 Oct 2009

    Breaking News by keithhodges Word Count: 294

    A little story about what could make the news. 
    13 Jul 2009

    Deep in a Well by keithhodges Word Count: 379

    I gave it a go! It's not my best that's for sure! 
    15 Jul 2009

    Family Photos by keithhodges Word Count: 150

    A flash about photos, not much to tell really! 
    26 Jan 2009

    Listen SUCKER! by keithhodges Word Count: 280

    This my late attempt at the challenge, it loosely has all 3 words in it! It was just something I was thinking in bed last night - one of those wouldn't it be weird moments so I figured I'd incorperate it! 
    4 Aug 2009

    One Free Package by keithhodges Word Count: 110

    Flash fiction, I thought I'd give it a go, let me know what you think. 
    26 Nov 2008

    The Artists Pitch by keithhodges Word Count: 139

    This flash tries to show in a light hearted way that art is a business, and to be a good artist you generally need a good business sense! 
    7 Mar 2009

    The Injection by keithhodges Word Count: 150

    I flash about getting the contraceptive injection. 
    28 Jan 2009

    The last time I woke up. by keithhodges Word Count: 100

    Challenge 172. A little story about not being able to wake up. I don't like it, but I'm going to put it up anyway! 
    27 Aug 2009

    The Maths Lady by keithhodges Word Count: 851

    A short story of the lady who changed maths as we know it. 
    14 Nov 2008

    The Paper Pusher by keithhodges Word Count: 150

    A flash fiction story about getting work in on time. 
    12 Dec 2008

    The Stumble by keithhodges Word Count: 508

    A story about throwing up on yourself drunk. 
    18 Nov 2008

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