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Name Ken Munch
User Name wordman67
Birthday 01/04/1967
Specialism Theatre
Location US
Profile Playwright, screenwriter, actor, director. Numerous readings, small productions---all in New York, USA. Works include "The Enormous Radio", "Infection", "Spirit World", and "The Amnesiac."

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Colonial Road by wordman67 Word Count:
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A dispatcher at a car/taxi service deals with an uncooperative driver who, it turns out, has a very good reason to fear picking up fares from certain parts of town. 
21 Mar 2008

Covered in Dust by wordman67 Word Count:

A family struggles to deal with the aftermath of the attacks of September 11th, 2001. 
28 Jul 2007

Infection (complete play) by wordman67 Word Count:

Here's the complete script of a play whose first scene I posted a while back. An elderly germ-phobic millionaire and his young caretaker lead a bizarre reclusive life that is turned upside down by a young woman who is not all that she seems. 
25 Jun 2008

The Amnesiac (revised draft, 2005) by wordman67 Word Count:

When Brian is mugged and loses his memory, his friends begin to compete for his attention, each presenting a different self-serving version of the past. 
11 Mar 2005

The Enormous Radio by wordman67 Word Count:

In 1948 New York City, an ambitious young go-getter buys a radio set that allows him to hear the secret (and scandalous) goings on in the apartments around his, with catastrophic results. 
9 May 2003

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