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Name Brooke Lacey
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A Place to Dwell by jadeddreamer Word Count: 221
1  Comment

Feel free to comment. I'm sure I'll be editing from time to time. 
19 Sep 2006

Docked by jadeddreamer Word Count: 292

I have fallen out of the habit of writing and I am making a very ungracious attempt to return while juggling a few boulders life has thrown. Feedback is always welcome, just remember rusty, lots of penicillian rusty :) 
14 Jun 2005

Life of Mine by jadeddreamer Word Count: 162
1  Comment

Just putting some clarity into words 
13 Sep 2006

Tripping upstream by jadeddreamer Word Count: 108
1  Comment

Inspiration at 6am. Its form leaves something to be desired but the rest i think i managed to get my purpose across. 
17 Sep 2006

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