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1962 by rmol1950 Word Count: 219

Here is my last minute rushed entry for this weeks challenge.I wish I could have given it more time. 
14 Jun 2008

All Change. by rmol1950 Word Count: 122

Here is my contibution to this weeks challenge. Apologies for not being very active lately. 
25 Aug 2007

Another time, another place. by rmol1950 Word Count: 303

Hello I am new to this group and thought I would try your weekly challenge. 
1 Mar 2007

Chilly Nights 1 by rmol1950 Word Count: 496

Here is my contribution to the vampire whale challenge. It came pretty much straight from a freewrite on the prompt, which is a bit of a worry. 
22 Sep 2007

Confession by rmol1950 Word Count: 554

24 Nov 2007

In The Pink by rmol1950 Word Count: 222

Have just rejoined the group after long absence and thought I would contribute to the weekly competition, albeit with a very old piece that only just fits the bill. Richard 
20 Aug 2010

Insomnia by rmol1950 Word Count: 204

Hello again everybody. I've been away awhile but keen to get back to writing. Here is my contribution to the week 67 challenge. 
7 Jul 2007

Just coincidence. by rmol1950 Word Count: 751

here is my contribution to this weeks competition. It is an old piece that I think fits the bill. 
16 Jan 2015

Lucky Charm. by rmol1950 Word Count: 474

11 Oct 2007

Mid Life Crisis by rmol1950 Word Count: 733

The idea for this came to me when watching the news one day a couple of years ago. 
27 Feb 2007

Nemesis by rmol1950 Word Count: 91

This was my first attempt at poetry. It was a writing exercise in which I had to describe a confrontational event in my life. 
21 Jan 2007

Retirement by rmol1950 Word Count: 411

My contribution to the sci fi challenge. 
29 Nov 2008

Sonnet on Radio 4 by rmol1950 Word Count: 102

Hi I am new to this site.This was one of the first things I wrote about 5 years ago. You need to be a BBC radio 4 listener of the older vintage to get it. Here's hoping some of you are. 
14 Jul 2012

Stalker by rmol1950 Word Count: 55

Here is my contibution to the week 54 challenge. It is also an attempt at a 55 word story. Re-written following Irene's helpfull comments. 
6 Apr 2007

The Devil Drink by rmol1950 Word Count: 229

Here is my entry for this weeks competition. The character comes out like an Irishman when I read it. I don't know why. 
5 Oct 2007

The Last Bell. by rmol1950 Word Count: 128

I now have time to write again and will be a regular contributor. Here is a ast minute entry to the week 249 challenge. 
6 Jan 2012

The seed of doubt by rmol1950 Word Count: 50

Hi Folks. I'm new to this group. Here is my attempt at the 'Suspicion' challenge. Best wishes, Richard 
19 Jan 2008

Typhoon Warning by rmol1950 Word Count: 1033

Here is me entry for the weeks challenge. This actually happened and the characters are all real although not necessarily involved in this particular event. The language is pretty much authentic. I have wanted to write it as a story for a long time but can never make it work. Candid critiques would be much appreciated. 
21 Jun 2008

White Heat by rmol1950 Word Count: 173

Here is my entry for this weeks challenge. It started out as an idea for a poem during a flight on Thursday. Then I read your conversations, above, about James Cagney. Today, sitting in the hotel bar, I tweaked it. It's still not good but it gets a point across, I hope. No time for more. It costs a fortune to log on here. 
22 Aug 2008

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